Dear visitor, 

I am an independent musician, which means: I work live as a guitarist, give guitar lessons and compose music. For the next foreseeable time all concerts have been cancelled and the music schools where I work have been closed. 
And at the moment nobody can say how long this will last! 

This means that the corona virus crisis is also leading to a fundamental financial crisis for me. But there are still my compositions that I can offer you to listen to. On my page COMPOSITIONS I offer you to listen to many of my music pieces with newly made covers. My homepage is new, so it will be filled up during the next weeks. I offer you one download per piece for the price of your choice - starting at 1 Euro. 

On the other hand, these are no longer the days of downloading. Nowadays streaming is more the thing. I have published some of my tracks on the usual platforms for that purpose, but: Since I get extremely little money per stream, I have stopped publishing there. 

Thank you for reading this article. Maybe you appreciate my COMPOSITIONS and think that it's a good thing to give some money for it and support me a little bit in the Corona crisis. Thanks a lot! If you want to throw some coins into my guitar case, you can easily do so via the support link on my

composition page 

Thank you very much for coming along, Mario.