Sexy Lover

You can have one or keep one. Some pay for it. And there are even more possibilities: It does not necessarily have to be a human being. Ladies sometimes prefer the battery-powered version in the form of a small electrical…


Concert on September 20, 2020 in Hamburg

In spite of current difficulties: Bun Jon & The Big Jive on Sunday, 20.9.20 at 15 o'clock in Planten un Blomen. The first 400 come in for free, after that there is unfortunately shift in the shaft. Admission from 14.15…


0,005 cent per stream - Fie!

Dear visitors,  

An essential content of this website is the publication of my compositions, which you can listen to here for free.  
If you like my music, I would be glad about a financial support. There are two possibilities for…


Since you came along.

is my latest recording, this time a blues. It is the title music to the motion picture "All main things went wrong". The only problem is that this movie has not been produced yet. But even without this film there…


After Sorrow Comes Laughter

A romantic, melancholic and relaxing melody, just recorded yesterday. It is a guitar duet that I wrote for my guitar students. And it turned out to be the best best case: An Etude that is not only for to practise…

Concert in Hamburg on September 20, 2020

It is nice to hear that our concert on September 20th in Hamburg (3pm, Open Air "Planten und Blomen") will take place. Sad enough it is only the 2nd gig of the band this year. I will keep you informed…


SHE - now with lyrics

In the meantime I asked my friend and music colleage if he would like to write some lyrics and sing it on my composition "She". Well, he did and I could not imagine anything better than he sensitive voice for…


Concerts cancelled - but

IMPORTANT: All concerts till September 2020 have been cancelled. I strongly hope that our traditional concert with "Bun - Jon & The Big Jive" on September 20th 2020 in Planten & Blomen in Hamburg will happen! Especially since this is…



Today I recorded a tune that has been in my head for some years. The Classical Guitar has the perfect sound for this romantic piece of music: SHE



Dear visitor, 

I am an independent musician, which means: I work live as a guitarist, give guitar lessons and compose music. For the next foreseeable time all concerts have been cancelled and the music schools where I work have been…