Mario Stresow

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Isn't it true that we all sneaking through some backdoor from time to time?

Enjoy the cool and relaxed music. And please click on the Cover to enlarge it - since I spent some time to create it.


This is the first recording I made by using "Amplitude 4" (Hyper realistic guitar amp and FX software) and the mastering software "T-RackS 5" from IK Multimedia, Italy. Both are very good in terms of the workflow, design and - most important - sound. Normally I would use guitar rig (Native Instruments Guitar Software, Germany) and "Ozone 8" (iZotope, Mastering plug In, USA).

The guitar is my "Guild Starfire 2" played into a "PC - 2A" Compressor" (effectrode, U.K. - one of the best compressors for guitars on this planet, all tube design).

Thanks for coming along. Mario Stresow, coming to you from Hamburg - Germany, february 2020.

Photo by J.C. Rizzo, France 2017.

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