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Mystery & Mastery

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Mystery & Mastery
Guitar Intro
She was a mystery to me
No matter what I've tried, she only made "ooh"
I tried this and that rode her slim, rode her fat
I even bought a modern kind of waterbed
But all I've heard was only this "ooh"
One day I said to her my dear
Shall I buy you nice things, like handbags, diamonds and rings?
She starred to the wall replied nothing at all
How I hoped and I prayed for a kind words to fall
But what did I hear? Just the usual "ooh"
Then, to be true with the taste of fear
I asked: My sweet shall I buy us some sexual gear?
Then she looked up to me and she gave me a smile
It made me so high I was short before to cry
And the mystery turned into a mastery
Guitar Outro
Copyright Mario Stresow 2017