2015 I got a call from Joerg Pusak. He asked me if I would like to teach guitar at the "Neue Musikschule Buxtehude", which he runs together with his wife Meike Pusak. At that time I lived in Stade - not far from Buxtehude - and so I accepted. In the meantime I live in Hamburg again, but I still teach at the "Neue Musikschule Buxtehude". I have loyal students there. This music school is now in its 26th year and has become a renowned cultural institution in Buxtehude and the surrounding area. In the music school there is a showcase with music books. It is a collection of compositions by Jörg Pusak. I studied these in the following time and found out that Jörg writes great pieces for the concert guitar. I recorded some of them as first recordings. You can hear them here and maybe you like them as much as I do.
Best, Mario.