Here comes my feather-light melody “Springtime”, presented by the vibraphone with its typical gentle, but also percussive sound. In the second turn, the bass drives with wonderfully groovy-jazzy swing lines and gives the number an even more moving forward feel. The classic Fender Rhodes keyboard sound can make friends with both and in turn gives a few rhythmic throw-ins. In addition, a few synthesiser sounds as a garnish, sometimes as an implied second voice in the bass, sometimes as a decepted choir. Last but not least, a swing drum kit that should hold everything together, but rightly complains about an underrepresented volume. What to do, someone always has to put back. With this components my number “Springtime” is ready, which immediately relaxes us and ensures a good mood. Reminiscences of Henry Mancini and Bert Kaempfert are awakened. The latter came from Hamburg just like me and both are among my all-time favourites.
Have fun listening: Springtime