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Spring is here and I have a piece of music that fits. Drive down the beach Boulevard with your Cabrio for a nice drink at your favorite bar, just having a nice time. Springtime

Fluffy Brainworks

I am in the process of re-organizing my website. In the course of this this new page was also created.  There you will find my newest tune, which I composed and produced last weekend: "Don´t Be Late". Find it here…

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Corona Times

and the story goes on. For me that means there are no concerts to play at all. Please read more HERE
Regards, Mario Stresow.


0,005 cent per stream - Fie!

Dear visitors,  

An essential content of this website is the publication of my compositions, which you can listen to here for free.  
If you like my music, I would be glad about a financial support. There are two possibilities for…

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Dear visitor, 

I am an independent musician, which means: I work live as a guitarist, give guitar lessons and compose music. For the next foreseeable time all concerts have been cancelled and the music schools where I work have been…

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I design my covers, sheet music and this homepage myself. Makes fun! But takes a lot of time. Hope you like what I´ve created, best, Mario.


New website

Being a client of squarespace now for years I'm still satisfied with that company to host my website.On the other hand I feel some restrictions there which forced me to look around for something new. After trying out some years…

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