Mario Stresow

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I recorded this in 2017 on my Hoyer 3064 Jazz Guitar. I detected this guitar 2016 in a small shop in Hamburg / Germany - my beloved hometown. Name of the guitar shop was "Guitar Village" - it doesn´t exist anymore. In 2016 I stepped into it after around 15 years for the first time and immediately this guitar catched my eye! Took it with me and tried it out at home. Then I brought it back - but the wouldn´t get out of my brain. So after a while I returned and bought it. Now I´m happy that it is mine. It is an ectremely well balanced instrument in terms of sound and frequencies. The guitar was build I guess in the 1960 or 1970´s. Great Look and Sound! The composition itself happened inspired by this particular guitar and the mood I was in at this moment. You can get the sheet for the tune under SHEET NOTES here on my site, in case you want to check or play it by yourself.

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