0,005 cent per stream - Fie!

Dear visitors,  

An essential content of this website is the publication of my compositions, which you can listen to here for free.  
If you like my music, I would be glad about a financial support. There are two possibilities for this on the page with the compositions: A general support, or the purchase of individual titles. With the purchase you receive audio files of high quality via download. 
Unfortunately composers get almost no remuneration with the streaming that is common today. It is about 0.005 cent per stream. In this respect I would be happy about your financial support, if you consider my music worthy of it.  
Due to the shameful remuneration on the part of the streaming platforms - the same applies to youtube, by the way - I will only present my music on my website in the future. Here you can find my compositions, arranged chronologically, the newest always on top:

Ahoy, Mario Stresow.